Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting


Free web hosting is not as functional as other types of sites host, though they still allow to be visible on the site. You do not have to pay anything to get free web hosting. Free Web Hosting providers allow people to use a domain name that they have purchased, and it is normal to have a sub-domain. All these features can be very tempting, but before you choose the appropriate free hosting service, understand the drawbacks of using free hosting.

Free things are not always the best free hosting, you might end up paying a higher price than expected. As much as free web hosting is available free of charge, it has numerous limitations if you compare with other hosting. If you are looking for a suitable free web hosting on the internet, make sure you read hosting reviews and restrictions before you make a final choice. Following are some of the limitations of the user experience with free hosting.

Since hosting is free, there is usually a huge competition of users. Users are only given limited bandwidth a month may not be enough to connect to the file. It also restricts the use of certain files such as ZIP files and MPEG files. It is not guaranteed in the amount all you get. Most users are forced to put Popup ads on any sites where there is free web hosting. The features offered by free web hosting are usually very limited; therefore not suitable for large companies online. Free website hosting provides extras such as transfer files using FTP and also the use of script languages.

usually free hosting are a variety of ways, moments and approved activation, and post and forum. Those who go for instant activation are usually given very little storage space with low bandwidth. All of these can greatly endanger the safety of you and you will be at high risk of being spammed.

For the adoption activation, you will be given a lot of space and substantial bandwidth. But you will only be available in a few features that constantly need updating and approval of supervisor. Most of these managers employed by free hosting companies are volunteers. This means that they have a mandate to update it or not and you can not hurry them where you are not paying them to do it. This can be very discouraging for you and your website.

Some free hosting service providers typically require interest to contribute several posts before they are given a free web hosting. Before a person is given free website hosting, there are posts first run of points and only those with high scores are usually lucky. Another limitation of free hosting is that you can not get on the web because they use this ad. What’s more is that they may not allow files that exceed certain limits. It is therefore important to review some free website hosting service providers before picking the most suitable one.


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