Having a Website Without Buying a Web Hosting – Squidoo


There are some of the choices on the market today for you to host your website. The price could be up to hundreds of dollars. For a decent hosting, you pay around $ 20 for a service and it will serve you well. For those who can not afford it, they should turn to free hosting. One popular provider is known as Squidoo.

Squidoo is a Web 2.0 kind of website that allows people to set up their blog. In Squidoo, they are known as lenses. They provide free hosting and here is no count of the number of lenses you can build yourself. Another feature of Squidoo is the sharing of revenue for AdSense that appears on the lenses. So, you can claim part of part of the revenue generated by ads on the lenses.

Creating a lens is simple. What you need to do is write up quality content related to your main website or business. Most people try to hard to make money on AdSense and by putting too much advertising and you should not make this mistake. Too much advertisement will distract you readers and they will be more likely to click on ads. The better option is to give a very good material that will provide people will solution to their problem.

So, the main idea is to try to make some income if readers do not go to your links you are promoting a product or opportunity. The content should have certain keywords so that the AdSense bots will take your article and have higher paying ads on your lens. Good use of keywords will make the lens more easily picked up by search engine. So, when visitors click on the ads, you will be sure to earn more because your as are higher paying ads.

Well, some who use AdSense as a stream of income could not see revenue sharing as an interesting thing. For them, they might rather get their own hosting for their blogs. Then they will try to bring massive traffic to their website. On the other hand, Squidoo automatically indexed by the search engines and this makes them rank higher in search engines. So, for anyone who has no idea how to make a website rank them higher, Squidoo can be a huge advantage.

As a result, Squidoo works very well for beginners because it is affordable and the share of income is possible. Furthermore, there is a greater chance of ranking higher in search engine listing.


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