The Best Web Hosting Companies


With more than 5,000 web hosting companies on the Internet, consumers are looking for a short cut to find the best services for their business and personal needs. A little known secret from “geek” community can greatly simplify the process of finding the perfect match for you.

From the mid-1990s, a company in Bath, England called Netcraft has been providing free research data and analysis on many aspects of the Internet. They are respected authority on web hosting providers, operating system, ISP, electronic commerce, encryption and content technologies, to name a few. Netcraft is the place where webmasters and other IT professionals go when they want answers to solve real-world problems. Fortunately, one of the best reports Netcraft produces is on the line near real time web host performance report. It provides performance data for 50 of the top web hosting companies on the Internet. Amazingly, the report is free and updated every 15 minutes.

Hosting Providers Network Performance report Netcraft can best serve those who are trying to find a reliable hosting service. It tracks outages over the past 24 hours providing the hours, minutes and seconds outages. Performance monitoring agents are operating in the United States and Britain so that network performance can determine different levels. Web hosting performance consists of the time to process the http GET request and return the page contents. The time reported depends on the processor speed, the size of the data, the number of concurrent requests being processed by the server and so on. Dynamic content generally requires more time than static content. At http GET request Netcraft records four times: (1) DNS (2) connect (3) first byte, and (4) total

The DNS category provides performance information on the time it takes for the domain. Name Service (DNS) to look up the host name. Local server customer’s name and official name server for the domain affects DNS response time. Due to the wide variability of this performance parameter is not included in the total time recorded. The connect performance parameter is the first phase of the http GET request when the TCP / IP connection to the web hosting server. Connect is typically reflective network latency but if the web host is under stress, the time recorded will increase. The first byte performance parameter is the time between the last byte of http GET request is sent to the first byte response header fights. Although many different factors, including application associated processing, are involved this performance parameter is generally useful to determine how fast the web hosting server is responding. From the performance point of view, this is a silver bullet because studies have shown that consumers buy more often and in higher dollar amounts from fast performing web server. The last performance parameter is the total, which is the time from http GET request is started until the last byte received.

Can choose a great web hosting provider really be so simple as looking at web hosting performance reports? Well, yes and no. If you are simply looking for the best virtual web hosting company using web hosting performance report Netcraft can help you choose the 1% of hosting companies who are so confident in their service that they pay Netcraft to monitor and publish the results for everyone to see. The chances are very good that companies are willing to do this will do everything possible to keep their business running as competitive as possible. Of course, you still need to decide which of these best 50 companies can satisfy your needs in terms of operating system support, programming languages ​​supported, and so on. You can save yourself a lot of valuable research time by using iTechGuide is Top Performance Hosting board to help further identify the best web hosting company for your needs.


The Importance of Web Hosting Security


There are thousands of web hosting companies today; however there are many factors that determine the quality of the web hosting company. Web hosting security is one of the most important aspects to verify the authenticity and quality web hosting company. In order to keep hosting environment spent many threats from cyber criminals, it becomes very important to stop hosting companies provide enough security features.

Web hosting security is high, but here are some that you can not simply do without while Determining hosting company


SFTP is an abbreviation of “Short for secure File Transfer Protocol,” which is considered to be safer and more efficient variant of FTP. FTP is sensitive to the range of security threats and violations, such as tampering, eavesdropping, etc. A web hosting company providing short for secure FTP has the capability to protect the files in transit with secure shell host. Secure Shell host protocol that protects data and the government has recommended 128-bit encryption.

Secure Socket Layer

SSL should be integrated on every site that deals in the sale of products or services. SSL is considered to be the standard encryption protocol that is specifically designed to keep Internet communications safe and secure. If the hosting company does not support SSL certificates if part or the turn in the opposite direction and look for a hosting company that can provide this.

Network Security

As servers are prime targets for hackers and malevolent code writers, web host company needs to protect the network. While determining the web hosting company, ensure that the web host is how to protect server keeping their mind about firewalls, virus and spam filtering, reminder detection systems, DDoS protection, etc.

The hackers and malicious code writers can launch e-commerce website to steal priceless information like credit card numbers, bank account records, personal data and other useful information. Your website will surely influence and can become a dwelling cyber criminals. This can lose valuable customers and also your online business. Therefore, in order to get home spent the threats posed by cyber criminals, it becomes very necessary for the merchant to have the best web hosting security.

Today, there are many hosting companies that are working hard to provide complete protection to your online business from fraudulent activities of cyber criminals by ensuring good hosting security services. Such hosting companies are surely on top of the safety procedures and programs that will make sure the site is safe and secure. Get the best web host to provide the best web hosting security services and get rid of the worry of hackers attack site.


Getting Into the Web Hosting Business With Less Cost – A couple of tips to get you started


Do you want to become a web host and be able to offer your customers a space to host their own content? If so, then read on :. You’ve come to the right place

In order to provide you with the means to become a full blown web host in your own right, however, what we instead of you is a good way to get web hosting level without having to deal with the cost required to maintain their own web hosting company. These costs can be very prohibitive make no mistake; it is the cost of the equipment itself for starters, which can already be quite considerable. Computers, networking hardware and various other equipment … all these things are expensive but necessary part of your web hosting service delivery. Without these, you simply do not have a web hosting company.

Of course we are very close-but not quite yet at the point where various technological innovations our can run on its own. Well some of them do, but mostly you will still need the presence of qualified staff to run your web hosting system. And in this particular case that means-you guessed it-the additional costs in terms of salaries for qualified IT staff, you need to employ in order to ensure the smooth operation of the flow of your web hosting business.

This is of course the highest needs as your business will be based largely on your offer to provide chunks of cyberspace to all potential customers and if your server is always down, and that can make for some unsatisfied customers safely and unsatisfied customers tend to not come back for more business; Crazy I know, but it’s just their nature!

The only way to make sure that customers are satisfied with the service is to ensure that the system is working well at all times and one of the best ways to do this is by hiring a team of competent IT staff to handle all technical issues can crop up from time to time. And of course there is the additional costs come into the picture.

As you can see the cost to set up and run your own web hosting company are quite considerable and it would be understandable if in the face of all this investment that you feel like it may not be such a good idea after all.

But wait, reseller web hosting can provide a way for you to achieve your goals without huge financial outlay, whether you are from New York or Alpena. What you simply need to do is sign up with one of the reputable web hosts on the Internet for space on their servers, which can then offer to their own customers. This is a great way to offer your own chunk of cyberspace to customers without breaking the bank.


How to start your own hosting service


If like many other devices webmasters you might be thinking of starting a web hosting company. But where do you start? And more importantly, what you need to know? Well, in this article I will show the basic things you need to succeed as a web hosting provider.

Before you start make sure this is something that you have the knowledge to do and not just from reading books, but since you have worked on them. Running servers may sound easy, but it is far from easy, in fact, even people with experience servers will have trouble with them from time to time. You have to deal with security threats, downtime and fixing program errors.

Starting your own hosting service is going to be challenging and frustrating. One option to think about is reseller hosting plans. There are several good web hosting companies out there that offer reseller hosting, but at the same time allow you to get paid, but without you having to spend your time maintaining servers. You may want to start out this way to get customers to go.

can rent, lease or buy a server, if you decide to buy a server, get them done tailored to the exact needs, if you have money, if you can not try to get a server that best suits your plans your. You need a place to keep the servers. You can find the building to do this or you could keep them at home. If you keep it at home, you need to make sure everything is just right for them.

Now, any operating system (Windows, Unix, etc.), control panel (Cpanel, Plesk, etc.), safety, you are going to choose. Each of these should be studied with care, check if they fit your needs or not. Also, you must consider some programming can only run on certain operating systems, web site owners want programming languages ​​such as PHP or Perl.

You have to keep the servers up to date with the latest security patches. You need a good firewall, the firewall is first protection you need and can be your best. It is necessary to monitor the servers all the time for any errors, hackers or virus, one slip-up can cause all servers to be hacked into and then all customers will be going.

To get the highest possible server uptime you have multiple Internet connections. Depending on the region you reside in, it can be difficult to find an Internet connection provider. You need a fixed IP address that will not change after each use. Some providers will not offer this, so be sure to check before you choose.

What are you going to charge for your web hosting? If the price is high people will go, but if the price is that people with a low income you may think servers are overcrowd with other websites and you offer terrible service. What strategies will you offer? Shared, reseller or dedicated hosting or maybe all of them.

When you think about it, it is much harder than it seems on the surface. The best choice may be to go with a reseller hosting plan, this will at least give you a taste of what you need to do and help build your customer database.


Having a Website Without Buying a Web Hosting – Squidoo


There are some of the choices on the market today for you to host your website. The price could be up to hundreds of dollars. For a decent hosting, you pay around $ 20 for a service and it will serve you well. For those who can not afford it, they should turn to free hosting. One popular provider is known as Squidoo.

Squidoo is a Web 2.0 kind of website that allows people to set up their blog. In Squidoo, they are known as lenses. They provide free hosting and here is no count of the number of lenses you can build yourself. Another feature of Squidoo is the sharing of revenue for AdSense that appears on the lenses. So, you can claim part of part of the revenue generated by ads on the lenses.

Creating a lens is simple. What you need to do is write up quality content related to your main website or business. Most people try to hard to make money on AdSense and by putting too much advertising and you should not make this mistake. Too much advertisement will distract you readers and they will be more likely to click on ads. The better option is to give a very good material that will provide people will solution to their problem.

So, the main idea is to try to make some income if readers do not go to your links you are promoting a product or opportunity. The content should have certain keywords so that the AdSense bots will take your article and have higher paying ads on your lens. Good use of keywords will make the lens more easily picked up by search engine. So, when visitors click on the ads, you will be sure to earn more because your as are higher paying ads.

Well, some who use AdSense as a stream of income could not see revenue sharing as an interesting thing. For them, they might rather get their own hosting for their blogs. Then they will try to bring massive traffic to their website. On the other hand, Squidoo automatically indexed by the search engines and this makes them rank higher in search engines. So, for anyone who has no idea how to make a website rank them higher, Squidoo can be a huge advantage.

As a result, Squidoo works very well for beginners because it is affordable and the share of income is possible. Furthermore, there is a greater chance of ranking higher in search engine listing.


Is Free Web Hosting Really Free?


If you have heard of free web hosting, did you ask yourself before whether it is real or not? The answer is yes. There are many types of hand out there and free web hosting plans really are. There are people who like to sign up with paid hosting and you are some who would choose a free web hosting service. Therefore, you can have a website of their own without having to pay a penny. On the contrary, free web hosting could actually cost you a lot.

cost that we are mentioning here is the cost of having a different ad appear in a free website. These ads appear at the top, bottom and sides. This is considered necessary for you to have a free website service. These ads can be confusing and frightening because they will be pop-up ads, banner ads and eventually scares visitors coming to your website. Therefore, you lose credibility and this means that less and less people will visit your site. Free Web Hosting plans are also restrictions on the support they can provide. The reason is because it is free, not providers do not really responsible to take care of your website.

While free hosting may sound bad so far, it is not completely out of the picture. By doing good research, you will find reliable providers. No matter how good the provider is, you will still have to face all the limitations of the free hosting possesses. You will have face problems like slow sites and a lot of downtime for your website. Therefore, if the purpose of your website is for business, free web hosting is strongly unrecompensed.

Like what we mentioned, free web hosting really has many limitations. While you might find a reliable service out there, I’m pretty sure that free web service is not able to provide you with enough resources to have a successful online business. There is some free web service that does not require or force you to have ads on your site. However, you will be able to search for it and it is not easy to find such a place. But if you’re lucky, you might find that these types of companies offer you with minimal bandwidth and simple control panel. In time, when you make a significant income, would be wise to go to a paid hosting.

As a result, free web hosting is not really free if you look at it deeply. The provider must pay for their servers and bandwidth and it’s definitely cost involved there. You exchange your credibility website for the free service banner ads appear constantly. Search it in a different perspective, at least you will not have to fork out any money to have a presence on the internet.


Yahoo! Web Hosting


Yahoo! Web hosting offers the best hosting solutions for small business websites. With Yahoo! Web hosting, customers are offered hosting packages that perfectly befit their requirements and budget and can be customized to their needs. These hosting packages come outfitted with a wide variety of tools and features ranging from basic design templates, site-building tools to advanced PHP scripting. Customers also get access to MySQL database services

In order to cater for diverse and website specific requirements, Yahoo! Offers the following web hosting packages :.

1. Business Starter Yahoo! Web Hosting Services

This category of web hosting service offers 50 mg of disk space, 20 GB data transfer and 10 personal email accounts. This option is ideal for beginners who are looking for a basic hosting package. The package also offers web design tools are very user-friendly and fun to use.

2. Business Standard Yahoo! Web Hosting Services

This class web hosting service provides 100 mg of storage, 25 GB data transfer as well as 25 Business Edition email accounts. Customers also get access to 24/7 toll free customer support. In terms of superior business hosting; this category of hosting offers cost-effective hosting solutions.

3. Business Professional Yahoo! Web Hosting Services

As the category suggests, Business Professional Yahoo! Web Hosting offers high-end, all-inclusive hosting solutions. This plan comes equipped with 350 mg of storage space and 35 GB data transfer as well as 35 Business Edition email accounts. Given the features, tools and services offered, this plan is quite reasonably priced. Customers also get access to 24/7/365 customer support, customized to the needs of the user. In addition to other high-end and highly utilizable features and tools, customers also get access to advanced scripting tools, database as well as SSL support.

Customers do not have to worry about downtime any more with Yahoo web hosting solutions. Yahoo offers maximum uptime and this feature is the main forte. The best servers and hardware in the hosting industry is offered by Yahoo web hosting. Since Yahoo web hosting is supported by their search engine, downtime is not an issue with their service. Since their servers are associated with unnecessary connections, downtime is a very rare occurrence.

Furthermore, its data is in a very secure facility and receives constant monitoring 24/7; thus enhancing the reliability of the company.

This measure also aids in preventing hacking and / or other illegal occurrences.

The best part is that the company evaluates its relationship with its customers and offers 24/7 technical support

However, it is a good idea to weigh and ascertain your hosting budget and website hosting requirements . before you go to choose their hosting package. Not every package would suit your website requirements. If you are in doubt, discuss with other users on the forum and blog so that you can make a well-informed and wise decision. Analyze various factors like bandwidth, disk space, SSL support and other vital aspects of web hosting and your specific requirements before you zero down on a hosting package.


The difference between web hosting and domain registration


The process of creating a website and get it online can be a tricky one, especially for non-technical community. And this is certainly not helped by the common misconception that the domain name registration and web hosting is one and the same thing.

clearly so let up. Domain registration and web hosting are two separate processes, both of which need to be completed to create a website and make it live on the Internet

Put simply, the process is as follows: a. Domain names must be registered with the domain registration business and then the domain name will be hosted on the Internet through a web hosting company.

And here is where the confusion comes in. Many companies will offer both domain registration and web hosting, but others will only offer either hosting or domain registration. Therefore, you can choose to register a domain name and host your website with the same company or register your domain with one company and host your site with others.

It’s really as simple as that, but it is something that causes a great deal of confusion and unnecessary stress that many people are interested in setting up a website.

Domain Registration

to use the Internet to communicate with others or to search for information, you have to enter the address into your computer. These figures include the name or number, and are more commonly known as domains. Every domain name must be completely unique so that the Internet knows the correct website to come up to the user.

If you want to create your own website, you need to think a name that you want your website to be known as. This name must then be registered with the domain registration business to ensure that it is unique and you will be the legal owner of the domain.

You also need to choose a domain name to connect to your domain name. Because we know, web, .org, .net, etc. You should give careful consideration to the extensions you choose to ensure that the full domain name best represents your business or project. For example, if you are a UK company and are only sold to the UK, it would be advantageous to choose domain name -. Especially for the UK to achieve good search engine rankings

It is important that before you register a domain name with a domain name registrar you sure they are credible domain name registration company. One way is to check that your domain registrar is a feature of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Accredited Registrars list

Web hosting

Once you have registered unique domain name with an authorized domain registrar, you need to get your website live on the internet. To do this, you need to buy a web hosting package from a hosting company.

process put your website on the internet is complete with a web hosting company that you register with and will put your website on a web server which is then connected to the Internet. The type of server your site is hosted on depending on the requirements of your website. The most common web hosting plans are part of Web Hosting and Dedicated Server Web Hosting.

shared web hosting

If you have a simple website that requires regular amount of web space and bandwidth, it is likely that your hosting company that you choose a shared web hosting plan.

This program website will be placed on one of the shared web hosting company’s servers. This website will live next to a large number of other similar websites where it will share resources of all server and features.

Each hosting company unlike hosting features they offer with shared hosting plans. With many companies you will get the standard

o A specified amount of web space depending on the chosen package

o Easy to use web site control panel

o management Online accounts

o Full 24/7 ftp access to upload web directory

o Free domain transfer

o Unlimited synonymous State

o Webmail

o Send and receive email with Microsoft Outlook or other email programs

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

If your site has grown to a size that can not be met on a shared server or if you need the flexibility to add software or other items on your site, then your web hosting company may recommend that you purchase a dedicated server .

With a dedicated server, you are entitled to all the nations; thus giving you complete control over what is installed and running on your server. Space and bandwidth usage will also no longer be a problem as it will only be on your site (or sites) with server resources.

With a dedicated server you also have the peace of mind that your website (s) won ‘t be at the mercy of other websites and potentially corrupt numbers -. that could cause downtime and other problems at the site

When choosing a dedicated server you can choose to have your server managed or unmanaged by the web hosting company. With managed servers, you can get services like site administration, certain software installation, maintenance and upgrades. The big plus to have a Dedicated Server failed is that you are an expert on hand should suffer any server failure – to ensure your site high uptime percentage. While significantly cheaper, unmanaged server hosting is only really recommended for those with great technical expertise in server management and administration.


What to look for in Web Hosting Reviews


Many of us are very dependent on the internet. Many people use the Internet not just for personal communication but also to do so many other things in life easier. Some people use the Internet for banking and commerce; some use it for academics and research, while other people, of course, use it for games and entertainment. Needless to say, the internet is one essential thing in modern times and a website is almost expected of any modern person. Now, if a person intends to have his own site, one of the basic requirements is to choose a good web hosting service. The good thing is that there are a lot of web services and the simple search online can lead you to a handful of good. But of course, you would just have to choose one if you’re just going to put up a website. The smart thing to do is to read about military service reviews so you can have a good idea of ​​what you’re going to get every month.

Here are some important tips to remember when looking for a hosting company and when reading web host service reviews.


All website owners should be responsible web host service he pays per month. This is something expected in order to have a word and running the site, the web owner will have to pay for hosting every month. Of course you can always pay for three months, six months or even a year in advance. Pay for a longer contract can give Website Owner additional savings since a longer contract web hosting packages are really cheaper compared to paying for web hosting services for themselves each month.

Customer Testimonials

There is not enough prospective website owners to look at the price of hosting. It is also necessary that he read about customers or customer stories so he can get an objective and comprehensive opinion on how the service actually fare. This is because all Site Hosting companies can market their services at a very impressive degree but it does not necessarily mean that the actual service was the same. The only way to know if a web host service business is good to ask other users who have tried their services. You can find these customer stories not just from review sites, but also from blogs.


The website would greatly depend on the web host services, it is necessary that you get the reliability of it. You pay money each month so you would have a good hosting service. So if you select a web host your company does not deliver the expected level of reliability (too many down times, for example), then it is better to change service providers.


Some believe that paying more for web hosting is acceptable as long as they offer excellent customer support. This is because when problems arise during your subscription period, it can be quite a relief to know that you can easily contact someone to fix said problems. Never settle for a web host provider that does not immediately reply to phone calls, instant messages or even e-mail. Keep in mind that for every minute or hour that your site is down, your goals or plans can easily be affected.


Web Hosting Storage


Web hosting refers to storage sites on the web server, which is operated by a web host (Internet Service Provider). They provide space on their servers for Internet users. Hosting companies provide online systems for internet connectivity and for storing information with pictures and other Internet content available. The concept of web hosting refers to save a web server. A server is a computer that is usually equipped with high storage capacity and broadband connection to the Internet. The scope of individual pacts and web hosting services is very different. Starting from simple web presence, which mostly consists of several pages that contain a packet with a scripting language support, such as PHP and databases for packages up to the pre-installed software, or other services, such as monitoring, data backup, load balancing, and much more

How files get transferred to the web server

This site can be downloaded in many ways on the web server.?; probably the most common transfer is done through the FTP server. By using FTP client, files can be loaded easily by dragging and dropping to the server and be there every time changed and expanded. The website of the Internet for web hosting provider usually an overview of the current round (already transferred data) and the number of users is specified. In more immediate changes and additions to the services that can be requested

choice of webhosting provider :.

scope is broad and suppliers like web hosting and web space is subject to rapidly changing market, it seems hard to keep track. While choosing the right provider you should give importance to customer service. You should see the pricing, disk space and data traffic is included in the offer

There are several types of web hosting available :.

The free hosting is a little expensive, but the most limited in terms of service and space, however, there may be consideration, so one professional or small business starts. Restrictions on advertising, bandwidth and permissible edit sites, can limit the search business growing rapidly.

Shared hosting places your website on the same server as several (possibly hundreds) of other sites. But these are higher than the free host. Each has its own space, its uses partitions to keep it separate from other sites. This is one of the most economical way that many people share the overall cost of server maintenance.

The Reseller Plan provides a large amount of bandwidth and disk space available on the account and change while it sees fit room. This is similar to shared hosting. But with the reseller server you can determine the set of shared and with whom to share. You can further sell it to customers, by this way you can have your own business. Assign separate control panels for customers where they can host and manage their websites with them.

The dedicated hosting and virtual private server hosting services provide very similar results. A dedicated hosting is relatively expensive, but less limited than previously discussed. With dedicated hosting you need, the user human operator itself, there is very little restrictions and you are in their own services.

Virtual Private Server technology allows a single server to run multiple virtual environments. This situation has the characteristics of any one operator. Essentially, the results are the same, even if the virtual private server is cheaper.

Operating System Based Hosting gives users the freedom to choose a web host under the operating system. There are basically four types of operating system specific web hosting service that is Windows, Unix, Linux. Windows is expensive compared to others. Windows gives you a platform run some programming as ASP.NET. But UNIX and Linux servers allow you to run static websites and open source programming like PHP.

Domain Hosting

You still have to worry about two other things before you can post your website on the Internet. First you must register your domain name. This ensures that only you have the right to use this domain. Second, you must choose a Domain Hosting providers or publish your website on the Internet. Fortunately domain hosting company offers domain registration services also, which makes the whole process a little bit. All you have to do is to choose one among many Domain Hosting providers.

Because domain hosting is an essential part of publishing your website, you should be sure you choose a company that you can count on, and your needs. Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to start a blog or portfolio site, or small or medium business, you should look around to see who offers the services you need.

Here is a list of things you should take as first creator of a Web site with a domain hosting

Technical understanding: .. Some states hosting companies offer free or fee-tech help either via the Internet or telephone

Templates for Websites: If you do not know how to program a website that you have Multiple Domain Hosting companies that provide templates that you can build your website. Some of the vendors even provide software for easy, programming-designing your website, or offer fee-based web site design

Selection of Top Level Domain :. Selecting a domain to attack first, the nature of the site and secondly, nationality guests. Web domain offer informative websites or products based websites ready for the international audience. A top-level domain is known to visitors (and you can identify) radiates most seriousness and commitment, so as to achieve greater confidence in the services offered

E-mail address :. A domain name is more than just a website – it gives you more rights to e-mail addresses. When you register a domain name, you have the right to use addresses that end in the domain name. If you want to use this e-mail, you should make sure that your domain hosting company makes it easier to use.