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We have seen many organizations completely ignore search engine optimization (SEO) when considering a hosting package, web hosting and SEO should be a key factor in the selection process. SEO is an important step in creating a website and should be taken into serious consideration before you even start to build your website, one of the ideas here is hosting.

Country Specific Domain Names If the majority of your client base, for example in the UK, then you should get a hosting in the UK – get your own UK hosting here. However, if your server is located in the United States, for example, you can still locate your domain to improve rankings on Google UK search.

Staying example of serving clients mostly or complete based in the UK TLD: .com says search engines are indeed based in the UK. Even have a web domain and server hosting your website in Germany or the United States have important web is strong enough statement.

However, do not be tricked into entering ‘UK Web Hosting’ into Google and take the first result that some UK Web Hosting companies have actually servers based abroad and with a mixture of .com domain name was then appear in the Google UK search the site and the pages of a is limited.

In a perfect world, in this scenario you should have a reliable hosting in the UK and .org domains, but there are ways around it if you do not. If you are based in the UK and are not .com and .org, you can buy .com TLD and send Com to Alexa, however, is the risk of this if you site has to build up a good reputation and has a strong back link campaign and high page rank. You can always try to locate domain. But the conclusion that the position of regional specific area you either need hosting for your country or a local tld eg web, you do not necessarily both.

Avoid Cheap Web Hosting – considering both web hosting and SEO …

Simply beating up a quick website, dash design, back end programming and on-site search engine optimization and finally whacking it the cheapest server you find is not going to deliver any success at all, if you’re serious about creating a professional official website that really needs to invest wisely in web hosting. As mentioned above, why attract unwanted guests from unwanted places.

Some cheap hosting companies will offer a ridiculous amount of free space, though this can be detrimental to the down time, and this means that your website may not always be available upon request. This has not only knock on effect on SEO but also the performance that it can cause problems for sites to visit your website when they want, it’s worth adding here also if search engine spiders can not access your site and follow the links the site this will obviously affect the SEO campaign. Again some webhosts that offer cheap hosting use a method where domain is sent back to another site. This can cause problems with search engines reach your site and your content. I’ve also found that some cheap hosting providers host sites that have been banned from the search engines; this of course will have more than a negative effect on search engine rankings.

Avoid Hosting multiple domains on the same server

Yes it seems very attractive to buy server space and hosting more than one country. Let’s just say that search engines example Google may frown on this type of behavior. Search engines can not believe that the company hosting these multiple domains is trying to artificially connect the result of trying to manipulate search engine with the aim to increase rankings in the search engine results pages. Though this can and often results in a reduction in the SERP rankings. Finally, consider web hosting and SEO that work to compliment each other in an effort to be successful search engine ranks, check out the resources below.


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