Web Hosting Service – what is it



Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to send websites in cyberspace.

A web hosting service allows you to put your website on the Internet or World Wide Web. The service supplies technology and servers to achieve these results. They use hosting and client architecture to load web pages on the server. Websites appeared on the Internet in HTML format.

You should buy your URL or domain name before requesting hosting of web hosting companies. Most service providers impose fees for this service, while some others provide it free. Free service is possible as they put ads on your website, which receives the income.

A website is like a page in the server, a computer. This server is part of a network server, which constitutes Internet or World Wide Web. The Internet service is open to users 24×7 and it can be used to access the site in any of these servers.

When users want to see your site, they need to enter the domain name. Host server is configured so that when a state request, the address will use a pointer routine until it reaches the host server of your website. If things are clear, your web site will be displayed in the user’s computer.

To access this service, the user should have a dial-up or broadband connection. To view the web, a web browser like MSIE is essential.


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