Web Hosting – The Basics


In order for a company to have a web site, you first need to design that site, and then find somewhere to put it so that it can be accessed by anyone connected to the Internet.

The cost effective and hassle free way to do this is to use the services of one of the many web hosting providers available on the internet, you can use a web host if you pay a monthly fee and have a domain name. Domain name provides the URL that people will type into their Internet web browser to be directed to your site and should have some relevance to the content on your site.

You usually have to pay to register your domain name, even if web hosts provide free domain name registration services, website building software and analytical tools to enable you to monitor traffic coming to your site and help you market web space more effectively.

Storage Space

When choosing a web host you should see how much space your web files take up on your computer before you decide on a package, taking into account the fact that, as the business grows so too will the web site.


Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data transfer that visitors to the site can achieve each month measured in gigabytes.

If you choose a web hosting package with an inadequate amount of bandwidth, the owner of the domain may charge you to access more.

E-mail Accounts

Along with hosted domain website web host will also provide you with a number of customizable E- mail addresses, how many you need depends on your needs and should be thought out before you enter into a contract.

Shared Web Hosting

This most likely will host your first website, your site will be hosted on the cut which is part of many other places. Shared web hosting offers an extremely cost effective solution for hosting a home or small business website, but may be too restrictive for larger companies who wish to use large amounts of storage, bandwidth and customized software.

Dedicated Hosting

This option gives you much more flexibility to grow your business. A dedicated server can host as many sites as you want, and you have the added advantage that the bandwidth will not be compromised by web users accessing other site as only yours is on the server. Dedicated hosting also provides you with added security as only you have administrative access to the server, and you’re free to add your own virus protection software and operating systems.


Another very important feature you need to consider is the level of support offered by your web host, most will offer some form of helpline and / or online support package. But it is worth finding out if this is 24/7 or just limited to our work, some of the cheaper hosting solutions use the latter to cut costs but this is no good if your site crashes on a Friday night and you’re hemorrhaging money in lost sales over the weekend.


In short, there are many options out there, the choice and permutations are literally endless with many more being added every day, so the time and research well, it is often worth paying a little more for reliability as it will pay off in the long term in increased sales.


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