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Yahoo! Web hosting offers the best hosting solutions for small business websites. With Yahoo! Web hosting, customers are offered hosting packages that perfectly befit their requirements and budget and can be customized to their needs. These hosting packages come outfitted with a wide variety of tools and features ranging from basic design templates, site-building tools to advanced PHP scripting. Customers also get access to MySQL database services

In order to cater for diverse and website specific requirements, Yahoo! Offers the following web hosting packages :.

1. Business Starter Yahoo! Web Hosting Services

This category of web hosting service offers 50 mg of disk space, 20 GB data transfer and 10 personal email accounts. This option is ideal for beginners who are looking for a basic hosting package. The package also offers web design tools are very user-friendly and fun to use.

2. Business Standard Yahoo! Web Hosting Services

This class web hosting service provides 100 mg of storage, 25 GB data transfer as well as 25 Business Edition email accounts. Customers also get access to 24/7 toll free customer support. In terms of superior business hosting; this category of hosting offers cost-effective hosting solutions.

3. Business Professional Yahoo! Web Hosting Services

As the category suggests, Business Professional Yahoo! Web Hosting offers high-end, all-inclusive hosting solutions. This plan comes equipped with 350 mg of storage space and 35 GB data transfer as well as 35 Business Edition email accounts. Given the features, tools and services offered, this plan is quite reasonably priced. Customers also get access to 24/7/365 customer support, customized to the needs of the user. In addition to other high-end and highly utilizable features and tools, customers also get access to advanced scripting tools, database as well as SSL support.

Customers do not have to worry about downtime any more with Yahoo web hosting solutions. Yahoo offers maximum uptime and this feature is the main forte. The best servers and hardware in the hosting industry is offered by Yahoo web hosting. Since Yahoo web hosting is supported by their search engine, downtime is not an issue with their service. Since their servers are associated with unnecessary connections, downtime is a very rare occurrence.

Furthermore, its data is in a very secure facility and receives constant monitoring 24/7; thus enhancing the reliability of the company.

This measure also aids in preventing hacking and / or other illegal occurrences.

The best part is that the company evaluates its relationship with its customers and offers 24/7 technical support

However, it is a good idea to weigh and ascertain your hosting budget and website hosting requirements . before you go to choose their hosting package. Not every package would suit your website requirements. If you are in doubt, discuss with other users on the forum and blog so that you can make a well-informed and wise decision. Analyze various factors like bandwidth, disk space, SSL support and other vital aspects of web hosting and your specific requirements before you zero down on a hosting package.


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